Breakthrough solutions for a connected world.

We’re the engine. The business world is now driven by software, even for companies that don’t consider themselves to be in the software business. With the Internet of Things on the way, people, data, devices and companies will be connected like never before—and intelligent software will be at the forefront of this sweeping change. Aricent has the engineering, services and software to help companies reach and serve customers in exciting new ways.


Aricent’s software innovations perform on more than half a billion mobile handsets.

Communications Infrastructure

Meeting the demand. Exploding data traffic—driven by mobile Internet and services like high-definition video—is leading to massive network innovation. From marquee products for eNodeB, EPC and ISS to proven software frameworks to product engineering services for a range of new and old technologies, we have a proven breadth of solutions that can help you jumpstart development, reduce risk and enable smooth deployment of new products and applications.

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Aricent has taken a lead role in LTE, with industry-standard offerings such as eNodeB and EPC, and innovations like SON, VoLTE and advanced RRM.



Aricent offers cost-effective, highly scalable software that can be utilized in a variety of scenarios to develop carrier grade 3G solutions. 



Aricent’s software frameworks are designed for deploying carrier grade solutions in 2.5G and WiMAX networks. 



Our WLAN software frameworks can be leveraged by communication equipment manufacturers to build access points and more.



Connecting to revenue. More devices are connected to each other and the Internet than ever before—from smartphones and tablets to smart meters, home appliances, running shoes and beyond. We help companies take advantage of this shift by balancing technology with design to create the best customer experiences.

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Aricent’s IMS based VoLTE client and connectivity stacks can be leveraged for seamless multimedia delivery in environments such as home and cars.


Multimedia Algorithms

Aricent’s audio and video algorithms can be leveraged to address requirements across multiple market segments


Cloud, Mobility and Analytics

Reach new customers with inventive engagement. The convergence of Social, Mobile and Cloud technologies has opened up new paths to increased productivity, profitability and customer loyalty. Our engineers are helping companies develop a systematic approach to these trends including cloud management, mobile application development and big data analysis.

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Creating new models. The Internet of Everything means that people, machines, devices, sensors and businesses are all connected and interacting with one another. Aricent is building the new models for collaboration and interconnection that are needed as devices and systems come together to create unique business opportunities and customer experiences for industries such as automotive, energy and home automation.  

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