Aricent rated leader in Semiconductor and Telecommunications by ZinnovMobile World Congress 2016Winning ThingsWearables Engineering Services

Aricent rated leader in Semiconductor
and Telecommunications by Zinnov

Aricent placed in the leadership zone of Zinnov GSPR study for three
consecutive years

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Mobile World Congress 2016

February 22-25, Barcelona, Spain

Aricent experts to showcase engineering expertise,

promote role as a partner for innovation!


Winning Things:
Leadership in an Era of Smart and
Connected Products

Aricent Chief Strategy Officer, Payal Koul Mirakhur and
Chief Technology Officer, Walid Negm will share insights

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Wearables Product Engineering Services

Comprehensive Services and Enabling Software

for Developing Next-Generation Wearable Solutions

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This whitepaper provides insights on the IoT ecosystem and its key constituents. It also discusses the challenges faced in the real-time implementation of an end-to-end IoT solution and some possible solutions.

We have entered the "connected intelligence era1," a time when networked devices are constantly engaging in communication and lessening the human workload. These IoT networks, like humans, rely on the sensors that work as its eyes and ears.

Today’s world is more mobile , more social and more connected than ever before—and it’s changing the way you reach and serve your customers. Aricent is uniquely qualified to help you do both. Through thousands of projects across an array of industries, we’re partnering with some of the most innovative companies around the globe to build the next generation of breakthrough products and services. 

We are your engineering services and software engine.

Formerly Hughes Software Systems, we are the only high-value engineering workforce that offers frameworks and enabling software for the most challenging networking and connectivity projects. Aricent exists to engineer and build innovative products and solutions for clients that connect the world—solutions that improve business and society, and make our lives better.

We are engineering excellence. Sourced.

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Software Offerings

Breakthrough Software. Sourced.

Connectivity is constantly evolving. And Aricent has always been at the forefront of that evolution. With more than 20 years of expertise and a force of more than 10,000 dedicated software engineers, we're the only company in the world that delivers the scale, experience and proven technologies necessary to help bring the next generation of innovative connected products to market. 

Software capabilities


Comprehensive services. Sourced.

There is power in partnership. Aricent’s consulting, design and engineering services span the entire product development lifecycle and help fuel efficient innovation. From strategy and user research to design and engineering, pre-launch testing and post-launch maintenance, service delivery and optimization, we help our clients become more agile in their approach to product innovation and development. 

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