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6 Steps to Take DevOps to the Next Level

“Enterprises should be winning at DevOps and reaping the rewards of their digital transformation initiatives. After all, DevOps is not new. Its practices, technologies and processes have been widely accepted for years.”, says Naveen S. Kumar, Vice President – Technology, Innovation, Aricent.

Aricent Collaborates with Amazon Web Services to Develop Intelligent IoT-based Asset Monitoring

The IoT-enabled asset management solution is a core use case to drive growth by leveraging device data monitoring and mining for a wide spectrum of industries.

Ghostbusters 2: How to Deal with Spectre, the Sequel

“There are techniques being proposed to scramble machine code and add compiler options to avoid someone accessing cache. Pay more focus on static assessment and dynamic analysis of application and firmware source code under development, and adopt continuous, automated penetration tests for digital assets that can be enabled with threat intelligence.”, says Prakasha M. Ramachandra, AVP for Security Technology at Aricent.