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The Future of How We Will Use a Mobile Phone

“The phone or mobile device will become more ubiquitous; it's always there and it has a more consistent performance response time. That means the ability to entertain more new services and new applications that are of value to the consumer and the industries.” - Ben Pietrabella, Technology and Product Management at Aricent.

How Blockchains Can Help Build Stronger Software

‘Blockchains can make the biggest impact in deeply collaborative environments. That is why supply chains stand to benefit from blockchains, composed as they are of diverse people, organizations, and stakeholders’ says Shaan Mulchandani, Global Security Strategy and Blockchain Leader, Aricent.

Aricent Now Hiring to Staff New VLSI Engineering Center in Penang, Malaysia

SANTA CLARA, California – April 23, 2018 – Aricent, a global design and engineering company, today announced the opening of a new engineering center in Penang, Malaysia.