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Smart Cities: Could These IoT Design Flaws Put The Lights Out?

“And finally, don't underestimate the blockchain is the advice from Prakasha M. Ramachandra, AVP of technology and innovation at Aricent, who recommends that organizations should "adopt blockchain based distributed apps (DApps)…”

How Enterprises Can Use Digital Twins to Maximize Operational Efficiency

“Digital replicas interact with real systems and mimic changes that occur - as they occur. Digital twin adoption is growing due to the low cost, high storage and compute capacity of IoT and cloud,” writes Subhankar Pal, AVP Technology at Aricent.

Managing Future Telecom Networks with a Digital Twin

“It is no simple task to know just how an object as complex as an aircraft engine, a wind turbine, or even a mobile network is performing at any given moment. It’s harder still to determine how it will perform in the future,” writes Subhankar Pal, AVP Technology at Aricent.