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Applications, pitfalls and choice: Things to consider when adopting the cloud

Walid Negm, CTO at Aricent, provides some advice on adopting the cloud: what applications run best, the pitfalls and what cloud is best.

Cloud migration best practice advice - a CTO guide

"Align business goals with the benefits that the cloud brings - such as faster and frequent application releases, flexible scaling (scale in/out) and optimise cost by minimising operational overheads,” says Walid Negm, CTO, Aricent.

Technology Grit: Interview with Woman Industry Leader – Sudatta Kar

“Most professionals feel that they can manage every facet of life in the best possible way. However, the biggest challenge is to do it justice – within the limited hours in a day. It was no different for me.” says Sudatta Kar, VP Engineering at Aricent.