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Intelligent Automation & Cognitive Systems:
A Match Made in Heaven for 2018

“In spite of the significant progress made so far with Cognitive Systems, one of the major challenges businesses will have to overcome is how to wade through data–lightning fast–and find actionable, relevant information that can be used with AI" says Naveen Kumar, Vice President Engineering, Aricent.

Equality for Women Is Progress for All

“Equitable opportunities for education and economic empowerment are intertwined with women’s right to live with dignity. Nothing, more than education and meaningful employment, has the potential of breaking down the walls built around women.” says Dr. Nuzhat Ali, Director CSR, Aricent.

What Is the Real State of IoT Gateways?

“The rapid adoption of intelligent IoT gateways has gone hand-in-hand with the proliferation of connected devices.” says Benedetto Pietrabella, Service Line Leader—SPD and PSM, Aricent.