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Next-generation Cloud: Is Serverless the Answer?

In this article, Naveen Kumar, Vice President of Innovation, Enterprise Software and Consumer at global design and engineering company Aricent, makes the case for serverless computing.

Scratching the Surface of Blockchain

Efficiency proves to be problematic because “blockchain networks utilise ‘proof of work’ algorithms to arrive at consensus which is very inefficient and costly for network participants as the network grows” says Shaan Mulchandani, director of security and blockchain lead at Aricent.

How the Edge Can Help Mobile Operators Monetise VR and AR

There’s bad news and good news, writes Shamik Mishra, the Associate Vice President of the innovation team at Aricent. By next year, according to industry insiders, the over-the-top (OTT) market could double in almost every aspect that impacts mobile operators.