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Working at Aricent

Join a forward-thinking team that is driven to innovate. Work with high-performing teams and develop industry-leading skills. At Aricent you will collaborate on cutting-edge engineering projects and engagements for some of the world’s most pioneering companies. We invite you to join our team and take on exciting challenges that will make a positive impact in the world.

We visualize new possibilities and transform concepts from ideas into everyday technology.
Forward looking
We take a holistic approach to developing talent through learning opportunities and rewarding career experiences.
Constantly learning
We do not discriminate by race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation or any other biases as prohibited by law.
Unified in diversity
We work to solve the world’s biggest challenges and push the limits of what’s possible.
Passionate about excellence
Our work environment encourages open communication, a flat hierarchy and respect for new ideas.
Integrity in everything we do
  • shelja bhatia
    I have been part of Aricent since 15 years and cannot imagine a better organization than Aricent, which is a beautiful amalgamation of people, customers across geographies and a very supportive management.

    Shelja Bhatia


  • Jatinder Wadhwa
    Aricent provides a conducive environment for all of its employees and it is the openness and flexibility in its culture which is the most lovable factor for all of us.

    Jatinder Wadhwa


  • Deepak Gunjal
    With such a long list of esteemed customers in its clientele, Aricent gives ample opportunities to an individual to work for the technology of his/her interest and choose appropriate career path.

    Deepak Gunjal


  • Rajdeep Tadav
    I really like the open environment, employees can talk to their manager's as a friend not as a "boss." The process that the managers follow to review performance is inspiring.



  • Rahul Singh
    The real DNA of Aricent is the fact that is has a “great, democratic and open” culture. Aricent provides good opportunities to learn and work in the areas of your interests and choice.

    Rahul Kumar Singh


  • Anjali Gupta
    Aricent was a dream company for many and still remains so for a lot of people. It is like a second home to a lot of us and I am proud to be part of this amazing organization.

    Anjali Gupta


Aricent Culture

We continually invest in our employees and establish a consistent learning experience across teams and locations. Our employees engage with new technologies and work across disciplines through our global mobility and job rotation programs.

Aricent Global Careers

Advanced Technologies

Aricent product life cycle services and technology solutions help clients solve their most pressing issues. We work with clients anticipate industry disruption and transform products services to complete in the digital era.

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Locations & Addresses

Aricent product life cycle services and technology solutions help clients solve their most pressing issues. We work with clients to anticipate industry disruption and transform products and services to compete in the digital era.


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