Telecom Infra Project Summit 2017

Event: Telecom Infra Project Summit 2017
Date: November 8-9, 2017
Venue: Booth #2, Santa Clara Convention Centre, CA

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) Summit 2017 is an engineering focused initiative driven by operators, infrastructure providers, system integrators and other technology companies which aims to re-imagine the ways of building and deploying telecom network infrastructure and creating simple, efficient and flexible technologies that will be relevant to both networks and enterprises now and in the future to connect the next billion users online. This year, TIP Summit 2017 will bring together TIP members to share ideas for new collaborations, hear from the TIP board and other industry leaders, and discuss the progress of project groups.

Aricent is Silver Sponsor at the 2017 event. We will showcase our work in the TIP projects including Access, Backhaul and Core & Management.

The Summit's extended two days of talks will focus on TIP project group technologies - including OpenCellular, Open Packet Transport architecture, and our other RAN projects - as well as reviewing best practices for organizational transformation and business process evaluation. Stay tuned for updates. Highlights will include keynote talks and technical deep dives presented by Deutsche Telekom, British Telecom, Facebook, SK Telecom and more.

If you are at the event, do meet our experts at Booth #2. The event provides great opportunity to network and brainstorm with fellow TIP colleagues, industry leaders who share your commitment to conceiving new technologies.

Click here to visit the TIP Summit page.