Consumer Electronics

Enriching Customer Experience

The consumer market is the largest sub-sector and among the fastest growing in the Internet of Things that spans wearables, smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes and smart products. 

The most successful consumer products are those that are designed to meet individual user expectations and connect on a functional and emotional level. The entire eco-system is playing a role in value creation from the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC, AT&T, Verizon, ARM, Qualcomm, Intel and Cisco. However, the engineering demands are significant. Devices are expected to be untethered and interoperate with the surrounding environment. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi and wireless charging are driving new expectations of digital experience. The application of audio/video algorithms are being used to improve quality of experience. 

Aricent and its design unit frog help clients get products to market quickly and effectively by supporting experience and products strategy, hardware and software development as well as manufacturing support. We work with the semiconductor, OEM/ODM vendors and service providers, to engineer the future from the customer to chip.

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From concept to commercialization we are able to help clients tackle the digital disruption through a differentiated "customer to chip" value proposition in product engineering services and frog - our design and strategy business unit 

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Our Services

Our differentiated value proposition extends to the entire value chain. We help clients accelerate the product realization lifecycle through deep domain expertise from the customer to the chip - experience design, software product development, chip and hardware design.

Some of our services include:

Product Service Design

Our offerings from frog take advantage of the digital/physical blur and create experiences that scale from brand design as well as design systems services.

Embedded Platform Engineering

Services that span board/FPGA/ASIC, thermal and mechanical engineering, design analysis and simulation, design validation, manufacturing support and prototyping.

Connected Devices

Our services help create new customer experiences and revenue streams through the engineering of device connectivity, verification and validation of protocol specifications and pre-certification.

Cloud Engineering

We work with clients to harness the unprecedented bounty of data from smart products which can be used to improve the way we work and achieve desired outcomes.

Our Differentiation

  • Through frog we can help transform businesses at scale by creating systems of brand, product and service that deliver a distinctly better experience
  • Deep expertise in experience design, multimedia, connectivity (short range and backhaul), embedded software, board and chip design essential to deliver the right performance at the right price point without compromising on the design concept
  • Strong and growing list of alliances and partnerships across the entire device eco-system.
  • Library of implementation accelerators and a portfolio of enabling software solutions is available across multiple operating systems and target platforms
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