More Than Moore

The Integrated Circuit (IC) was introduced in 1958 and since then nearly every industry has been transformed by the chip. Now, supported by the Internet of Things, the integrated circuit along with semiconductor innovations will, according to ARA Research, enable 30x multiple in value creation. 

Ever since Gordon Moore published his paper in 1965 the complexity of semiconductors have doubled every 18 months. Most of the cost, power and performance achievements are due to the evolution of CMOS process technologies. Innovations in scaling are poised to show diminishing points of return in some dimensions, such as performance. 

Major semiconductor companies have acknowledged that the Internet of Things will need to focus on improved power consumption and not necessarily speed improvements. "The chips needed to connect - household, commercial and industrial objects from toasters to cars - to the Internet, will need to draw as little power as possible to be viable." (Intel) The good news is that there are alternative approaches to achieve feature enhancements in semiconductor roadmaps. Aricent brings frameworks, capabilities, partnerships and related expertise to open up new markets, new opportunities and digital durability. 

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The good news is that there are alternative approaches to achieve feature enhancements in semiconductor roadmaps. 

  • Sensors: While CMOS transistor scaling may be hitting limits, MEMS-based sensors, a breakthrough in themselves, are currently sitting at physical sizes equivalent to CMOS transistors of the 80s, with plenty of headroom to follow their own miniaturization roadmap and corresponding power and integration benefits.
  • Packaging: 3D packaging solutions and extensions to Systems in Package (SIP) solutions enable the integration of multiple chips of different technologies, types, into a variety of form factors with thermal density management beyond that of current packaging and in the increasingly cost effective way. The package will take over and along with semiconductor advances, will continue to enable integration growth at the system level.
  • Smart Technology: The growth in the number of “things” sensing and generating data provides an opportunity for “Moore than Moore” technology solutions such as increasing varieties and combinations of sensors, machine learning, vision, local analytics.  
  • Machine learning: Semiconductors can enable machine learning and machine vision through HW acceleration of algorithms and the utilization of high resolution camera sensors, opening up applications from automotive ADAS and autonomous driving to smart factory control systems.

We bring over 2,000 combined expertise and industry relationships with 17 of the top 20 semiconductor companies. Our expertise helps the world’s top chip makers accelerate into the Internet of Things

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Our Services

We are a leading provider of R&D services for the semiconductor industry from silicon design, validation and verification, board and hardware system design, BSP/device drivers and operating system bring -up, middleware and system integration. 

Some of our services include:

Silicon Design and Validation

Spans silicon design, validation & verification to board & hardware system design, to help address client's requirement in various industrial verticals.

Embedded Platform Engineering

Helps clients to design integrated products at reduced engineering cost and improved time-to-market. It also accelerates product innovation, manages existing products and its variants


Help clients accelerate the delivery of products and services with an industry-focused approach.

Experience Strategy

Help clients take human inspired design all the way to implementation -- solving the engineering challenges with multiple form-factors, low power constraints and network compatibility.

Our Differentiation

  • 2000-plus experts with deep design expertise across semiconductors, embedded software and system design 
  • Deep relationships with 17 of the top 20 semiconductor companies
  • Proven track record in working with SoC technologies geometries down to 10nm
  • Ability to work successfully in software SoC integration to enable design outcomes for semiconductor vendor customers
  • SW development, integration and testing solutions enable OEMs and tier1s to successfully design and go to production with sophisticated chipsets
  • Aricent helps create best-in-class products and has been rated as the market leader in the semiconductor space by Zinnov
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