Technology Systems Providers

Cost effective, scalable, converged & hyper-converged

Technology Systems Providers that supply equipment, software or infrastructure “as a service” are well positioned to capitalize on the rapid growth of the cloud market. Their challenge is to focus R&D investments on delivering the optimal customer experience, product innovation and elastic operational cost models.

Technology Systems Providers (TSPs) are riding the cloud boom. Intense competition and falling unit prices are at odds with overall market expansion. Aricent helps TSPs succeed in capturing value and revenue in converged and hyper-converged solutions. With our emphasis on automation, machine learning and outcome-based models, our clients can deliver superior experiences.  

Our capabilities include:

  • Expertise in digitalization and human-centered design
  • Manage operational complexity to deliver agile infrastructure for hybrid and public clouds
  • Deliver optimized and easy to deploy monitoring solutions through open source frameworks
  • Implementation frameworks for Compute, Storage, Networking, and Security for faster time to market
  • Engineering services that span the entire stack from hardware development to applications 
  • Operational support to optimize customer support without increasing headcount

In a world of converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, Aricent’s services span the entire product lifecycle, from product development and implementation to operational support. We provide frameworks for software-defined storage, cluster management and expertise in OS, hypervisor and storage subsystems.

Our Services

Our design and engineering services offer technology systems providers the ability to deliver best-in-class products to market faster and more cost effectively

Some of our services include:

Product Service Design

Systems of brand, product and service that touch hearts and improve customer lives to create measurable value for clients.

Server Middleware Services

Middleware Software Development for Converged Systems – BIOS, CAN BUS, IPMI, Redfish, Symmetrical Multiprocessing and Non Uniform Memory Access (NUMA), CPU pinning for workload.

Private /Hybrid/Public Cloud Infrastructure Design Services

Design and development around Converged Infrastructure, Hyper converged systems to enable agility and micro services, NVMe Flash Storage, and enablement of Software Defined Storage.

Certification Services for Agile Infrastructure

Certifications Services around OS, Hypervisors, Storage Controllers, Ethernet Adaptors, OpenStack Solutions, and Management & Monitoring Frameworks for HCI and Cluster Infrastructure.

Experience Engineering

System architecture and design, sustenance and value engineering, platform validation, device driver engineering and platform migration.

Our Differentiation

  • Expertise with Operating System, hypervisors, Monitoring Systems, Containers and Clusters
  • Technology Innovation in open source platform CoprHD, Dell EMC RackHD, Intel Rackscale Architecture (Intel Network Builder Program) and Open Consortium like Open19 foundation
  • Expertise in Openstack Nutron, Ceph, Glusters, DC/OS; Docker Containers/ LXC /LXDs, cognitive monitoring 
  • Highly optimized, micro service driven edge compute solutions for enterprise and service providers 
  • Scale out data center networks based on CLOS fabric (Spine/Leaf Architecture) – BGP based Control plane and Data plane solutions
  • Technology solutions for hardware acceleration including GPU and FPGAs for performance and reliability
  • NVMe/NVMe-oF Management, Validation, Protocol Stack