Advantech and Aricent Showcase Intel®-based Converged Access Solution

Palo Alto, Calif., Nov 11, 2008 - Advantech, a communications and networking platform provider and Aricent, a global innovation, technology and outsourcing company, today showcased a joint solution for secure, converged gateways based on Intel® architecture that simplifies the OEM development of carrier-managed Multi-Service Business Gateways (MSBGs). The combination of advanced software on an Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor provides high-performance voice processing, high-speed packet processing, simplified network management and security capabilities on a single platform. Network equipment providers can use the integrated platform to rapidly develop new equipment for carrier-managed business networks, enterprise branch offices, remote offices and residences.

Aricent Converged Access Software (CAS) is the only complete software solution for unified communications services delivery, combining SIP-based VoIP services, media gateway functions, virtual private networking (VPN) and security, Wi-Fi access, quality of service (QoS), LAN switching, IP routing, WAN access and remote carrier management in a single multi-service business gateway software product. The software enables triple play services in a heterogeneous business network through a single multi-service broadband platform, dramatically simplifying administration and management issues for business, office and residential networks. Aricent CAS harnesses the power of Intel® QuickAssist Technology to integrate TDM, signal processing, packet processing and security capabilities, creating a significant leap in the architecture of unified communication equipment.

Aricent CAS will be available on the FWA-2310E from Advantech running on an Intel EP80579 Integrated Processor with Intel QuickAssist Technology. This is an integrated Intel architecture system-on-chip (SoC) based on an Intel® Pentium® M processor, memory controller and I/O controller. The low-power design incorporates eight Gigabyte Ethernet (GbE) switch LAN ports; two GbE LAN ports for WAN and DMZ, four ports for PCI Express and mini-PCI expandability, and two TDM ports for voice modules Intel®.

“Business communications have evolved rapidly, driven by ever-increasing needs for bandwidth, convergence, mobility and ubiquity. Small businesses, branch offices, and remote offices, face the greatest challenges because of the pressure for continuous evolution, coupled with cost containment in a tightening economy,” according to Milind Bhise, Assistant Vice President of Products at Aricent. “Using the integrated Intel-based platform from Advantech and Aricent, network equipment manufacturers can quickly introduce new carrier-managed gateway products with the latest technology and deliver innovative, cost effective solutions.”

“There is an increasing demand for low cost systems that merge analog and digital networks and provide a wider range of services, such as routing/switching, voicemail, conferencing and security, in addition to traditional IP-PBX functionality. To support all these functions, converged solutions must combine high-performance voice processing, packet processing and security acceleration capabilities.” said Franz Wei, Vice President of Business Group, Embedded ePlatform Organization, Advantech Co., Ltd.

“The Intel EP80579 Integrated Processor with Intel QuickAssist Technology integrates bulk encryption, hashing and public/private key generation, and TDM acceleration into the hardware, which simplifies the design process so that platform services companies such as Advantech are able to deliver products to market quicker,” said Nagesh Puppala, marketing manager for Voice and Converged Communication, Intel. “And, using an Intel architecture-based SoC streamlines software development, enabling companies such as Aricent to deliver compelling MSBG solutions to their customers faster. As a result, OEMs and service providers alike can cost-effectively bring innovative products to the market.”

The combined solution from Advantech and Aricent, based on Intel’s processing technology, will be on demonstration at the Intel booth 429 during VoiceCon 2008, November 10-13 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.

In addition to integrated Multi-Service Business Gateways, Aricent CAS is well suited for a range of Next Generation Network equipment including secure routers, fixed mobile convergence gateways, femtocell-based gateways, wireless access points, security appliances and service delivery CPE platforms for carrier managed voice, video, VPN, security and NGN applications.

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