Data and Context Services

Smart Services for Smart Products

Data and machine learning models are responsible for new value creation where software, analytics and smart services are driving smarter outcomes for customers.

How are your company’s products or services exploiting data? The reality is that most application data is still hidden from plain sight which makes it difficult to understand its true value.

Moreover IoT data is even more elusive and remains out of reach. While a concrete data strategy within the R&D organization is necessary, it's clear that properly taking advantage of algorithms is a source of competitive advantage:

  • Self-optimizing networks that tune capacity, coverage and performance for telecommunication providers
  • Predictive asset maintenance that helps optimize the performance of industrial equipment 
  • Human centric behavioral analytics that find ways to enrich the customer experience


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Our Data & Context services help product makers with innovative solutions that leverage data, context and algorithms

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Our Services

Smart products are engineered with smart data. Our Data and Context services are a set of design and product engineering services that help embed analytics into legacy products and introduce brand new smart services.

Some of our services include:

Big Data Platform Engineering

A large number of data integration and data storage platforms are making it increasingly difficult for companies to make optimal choices in technology selection.

We help our clients with big data technology platform evaluation and selection, data ingestion and processing frameworks as well as data storage design for structured and unstructured data

Smart Data

We help clients derive insights from data by designing multi-channel intuitive data visualization solutions, building fast search capabilities and implementing machine learning algorithms

 for predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Embedded analytics

We help clients build API's for data sharing, develop edge analytics capabilities for data pre-processing and data reduction as well as integration of smart data insights. 

Embedded analytics capability are key differentiator to any product strategy. 

Product Realization

Our grit, creativity and passion transform ideas into reality. We go beyond the conceptual and the abstract to realize and deliver solutions.

Our Differentiation

  • Accelerated design and build of analytics-centered applications using a common intuitive user interface and best of breed big data technologies.  
  • A library of machine-learning models and big-data platform reference designs for smart asset management, sentiment analysis, intrusion detection and recommendation engine.
  • frog data brings product, experience and enterprise data strategies through new applications of modeling visualization, data science and intelligent system design.
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