Transport and Metro Ethernet

Optical Networking for high capacity, survivable, demanding networks

Optical Transport Network (OTN) technology continues to gain momentum as the solution-of-choice for long-distance, high-capacity, resilient transport networks. Service providers need to regularly upgrade their networks to deliver ever-increasing capacity while delivering high availability, resiliency and guaranteed service levels. Semiconductor companies, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and service providers must cater to these demands in an agile manner while keeping abreast of technology. Toward this end, the Aricent OTN software framework provides a cost-effective solution for building next-generation transport networks.

The Aricent optical transport network software framework enables OEMs to accelerate development of next-generation OTN equipment. The framework has three components: the network element software framework, a hardware integration layer and a network management system (NMS) software framework. The network element software framework provides management and provisioning of the OTN switching layer, including packet-to-OTN or OTN-to-packet multiplexing. The hardware integration layer provides the glue that connects the network element software and the underlying hardware. With a comprehensive understanding of industry-leading OTN hardware solutions, this provides Aricent with an unmatched time and cost advantage for building this key component of the OTN network element. The NMS software framework is built to coexist with or integrate into, any existing NMS platform to rapidly add capability to manage the optical part of the network. With pre-defined Yang models and integration with the industry’s leading NETCOMF management solution, the software framework is SDN-ready today, enabling open programmable transport OTNs.

With the need to optimize revenue from network services, and with less time to recover initial outlay costs, service providers must focus on making networks more agile, flexible and programmable. Aricent’s OTN software framework allows semiconductor companies, OEMs and service providers to focus on network operations by vastly reducing the cost and time of developing network elements and making the network elements agile for an elastic network.

Optical networking

Our Services

Aricent works with a variety of optical vendors, including many Tier-1s, to deliver the most demanding optical platforms in terms of availability, capacity, cost and performance. We deliver a range of solutions from proof-of-concept (PoC) to complete deployment-tested products. Aricent’s customer-to-chip engineering capabilities, amplified by frog design’s human-centered design services and our enabling software solutions allow semiconductor companies, OEMs and service providers to accelerate the delivery of new solutions to market in the new digital era.

Our Differentiation

  • The Aricent OTN software framework is the first of its kind and a game-changer for OEMs and service providers in the optical transport market.

  • A variety of products can be built, including pure optical switches, packet optical transport equipment and multiplexers. Various price-feature combinations can be supported using the same software foundation and by leveraging the end user’s investment across a portfolio of products.
  • In addition to the strong technical and cost benefits of the OTN software framework, Aricent offers a variety of complementary software frameworks including frameworks for packet networks in the access, edge, aggregation and core networking space, as well as solutions for software-defined networking applications and network function virtualization orchestration.

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