Big Data and Analytics Enabling Software


Aricent offers domain-specific Big Data and Analytics enabling software to help our clients accelerate the development of Big Data and Analytics products and solutions. Our enabling software empowers our clients to solve critical business challenges and gain insights to make decisions efficiently and effectively.

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Web and Social Media Analytics

Get insights into customer behavior through web and social analytics

  • Web analytics: Monitor traffic, understand the market reach and plan any capacity changes.
  • Social analytics: Understand the social penetration and the impact of social media on organizations
  • Sentiment analysis: Understand customer sentiment based on their social media interactions
  • Visualization: Build rich interactive dashboards, reports and charts using the Tableau analytical and visualization platform

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Smart Asset Management Analytics

Improve reliability and efficiency of industrial assets, while minimizing failures and maintenance costs

  • Streaming Data Handling: Supports data aggregation from various industrial equipments and devices
  • Alarm Generation: Storm-based Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine processes the asset’s data and generates alarm based on the overall health of the asset
  • Predictive Analytics: Helps in preventive maintenance and replacement of the equipment by providing predictive analytics capabilities
  • Visualization: Rich interactive dashboards, reports and charts

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Why Aricent?

  • Deep domain expertise in Big Data and Analytics, with 200+ highly qualified architects and consultants
  • Extensive product engineering experience with core expertise in over 20+ analytics technologies
  • Demonstrated experience in handling huge amount of machine-generated data
  • Strong alliances with leading analytics ecosystem players, including Hortonworks, Cloudera, and Sqlstream