BSS/OSS Solutions

CSPs accelerate time to market

Our BSS and OSS solutions help CSPs accelerate time to market of new product and services while simultaneously optimizing development and deployment costs. These solutions are based on TM Forum’s eTOM model for BSS and OSS and can be leveraged in any of following CSP network types - 2G,3G,VOIP,WiMAX and LTE.

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Active Mediation System

Aricent’s next-generation convergent Active Mediation System (AMS) enables real-time charging for efficient management of services and billing for advanced networks and improved revenue realization. It supports real-time data collection and charging for both prepaid and postpaid services.

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Service Provisioning Platform

Aricent’s Service Provisioning Platform (SPP) automates service provisioning and activation to support the entire fulfillment process from the initial order entry and order decomposition through design, resource assignment, service record decomposition, service turn-up, and upstream notification. It also provides an interface for managing provisioned services by capturing notifications and reporting alarms and disruptions.

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Inter Connect Settlement System

Aricent’s Inter Connect Settlement Solution (ICSS) supports settlement for diversified communications (mobile and fixed communications, IP service providers, and content providers) through flexible settlement methods (CDR-based and volume-based). ICSS enables comprehensive and profitable partner management, faster revenue realization, and proactive reconciliation. It is a robust system that helps service providers to simultaneously track partner operators and their associated agreements to help facilitate charging partners for network usage. It also keeps track of payments due from the partner operators.

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Roaming Settlement System

Aricent’s Roaming Settlement Solution empowers service providers to streamline settlements by providing visibility and control over roaming service usage and charges. The system also enables service providers to estimate and manage their revenues by providing easy-to-comprehend revenue summaries and financial reports. In effect, it allows service providers to reduce overall costs associated with managing roaming traffic using a scalable and flexible architecture.

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Mobile Number Portability Gateway

Aricent’s Mobile Number Portability Gateway (MNPGW) enables local number portability for operators in different countries. The operators receive porting details from clearing houses through the gateway and routes signaling messages for the ported numbers. MNPGW resides in the operators’ network and provides end-to-end number porting activities (port-in, port-out and number termination) for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

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Revenue Assurance System

Aricent’s Revenue Assurance System (RAS) addresses revenue leakage in the entire chain of inter-related components that collaborate to provide services to the subscriber. RAS tackles revenue leakages that occur due to poor procedures, processes, poor system integration and network element level or billing system malfunction.

Key Features:

  • Collects data from NE and various B/OSS application through plug-and-play adaptor interfaces
  • Enriches the data collected from the source using predefined data normalization rules, usage files and DB lookup
  • Reconciles data across two or more NE sources and provides UI-based primary and secondary key definition
  • Detects faulty data and filters out unwanted data
  • Enables users to create generic, customizable reports in a periodic or scheduled way
  • Alert Generator performs actions based on the result of the report/threshold parameter set
  • Supports managing of subscriber and partner information, and their rate plans

MVNO Settlement System

Aricent’s MVNO Settlement System provides wholesale settlement including rating, billing, invoicing, and revenue reconciliation for MNO and MVNO/MVNE operators. TAP OUT generation and TAP IN validation and processing for roaming usage are also done by this system. It is integrated directly with MNO partners and Data Clearing Houses for TAP file delivery. It generates usage-based invoices for the MNOs and invoice to home operator for roaming based on the billing cycle in home currency as well as in SDR. The system also does NRTRDE file generation and collection from roaming partners, validates and distributes to the home operator and facilitates effective fraud management by the CSPs.

Key Features:

  • Partner and agreement configuration management feature
  • Robust rating and IOT (Inter Operator Tariff) check/re-rating
  • Efficient and accurate billing, taxation, and partner data reconciliation
  • Supports generation and processing of TAP OUT files (TD.57 GSMA standard), RAP files (TD.32 GSMA standard), NRTTDE OUT (TD.35 GSMA standard) from both home and roaming partners
  • GSMA standards compliant for bilateral agreement and currency conversion
  • GUI-based configuration and reporting, which allows users to perform daily and monthly revenue analysis
  • Support for partner management and extensive reporting

Online Charging and Control System

Aricent’s Online Charging and Control System (OCCS) is a fully integrated solution for online control and unified charging of voice, data and content services for any of the core networks (e.g. GSM, GPRS and UMTS). The solution is capable of real-time credit control for prepaid subscribers and usage limit supervision for postpaid subscribers. The system is 3GPP compliant for Ro and Rf interfaces and can re-use legacy BSS and OSS components, minimizing investment.

Key Features:

  • Supports session management for both prepaid and postpaid scenarios
  • Complete configurable reporting framework for collecting Call Detail Records (CDRs) from IN, SMSC, and MMSC and generating reports based on operator preference
  • In-built rule-based subscription engine with readily available adapters for flexible rating and charging at Intelligent Network (IN) over a CORBA interface
  • Comprehensive operation and maintenance features for detecting fault and/or measure performance of CSPs' systems
  • Supports active-active configuration for efficient load balancing
  • Active-standby support in case of system failure

Online Reporting System

Aricent’s Online Reporting System (ORS) provides an efficient mediation layer between heterogeneous network elements and user applications. It is a uniform, technology-independent platform that helps the CSPs, systems integrators, equipment manufacturers, and application vendors with customer care management and fraud management to bring heterogeneous networks, and network elements into the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) architecture.

Key Features:

  • Data source connection supports advanced data source connection interfaces. Provision to develop any proprietary interface
  • Mediation component modifies the sampled data to a different format as per the operator’s requirement and performs Minutes of Usage (MoU) reconciliation, filtration, correlation of events, etc.
  • Configurable reporting engine aligns the data in an easily accessible format and generates system health reports, traffic reports, recharge reports, subscriber reports
  • Reports are available in Excel, CSV, PDF formats and also supports graphs

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