Cloud Management Software

Manage and Monitor the Cloud

Aricent has a rich suite of software solutions that accelerate product development realization and differentiate the customer experience. The Aricent Cloud Enabling Service (ACE) helps jumpstarts cloud adoption, deployment, management, monitoring, migration, integration, testing and orchestration for enterprises, carriers and OEMs. It consists of the following components that can be used individually or as a combined integrated framework:

  • Cloud Management Framework is an easy to use feature rich unified cloud management solution that helps the customers to build robust cloud management and orchestration product
  • Aricent Cloud Management: helps manage compute, storage and networking virtual resources spread across hybrid clouds, public / private clouds all through a single glass pane view.
  • Aricent Cloud Orchestration: helps Orchestrate and deploy complete blue prints for cloud based complex solution using a Drag-&-Drop interface to create a blueprint and TOSCA/YAML based templates for deploying them on any cloud infrastructure
  • Aricent Cloud Monitoring Tool: It helps monitor cloud infrastructure, applications and notifications across multiple private or public clouds using Sensu/Zabbix based client
  • Aricent Cloud Migration Tool: It helps migrate workloads and network configuration from one cloud to another. Currently only VMware to Openstack is supported.
  • Aricent DevOps Platform: It provides an automated sequencing of all the steps involved from source to deployment. Entire pipeline from code check-in to production deployment is fully automated
  • Aricent Continuous Test Accelerator: The Framework for providing Continuous Integration-Testing pipeline to do automate testing of code after submission and provides the workflow for managing its outcome
  • Aricent Virtual Lab Platform: Tool to help create Virtualized test setups with capability to do single click creation of test beds and storing a test bed state for debugging
  • Aricent VNF Manager Framework: The generic VNF Manager framework provides a scalable and extensible VNF-aware management solution for VNFs as per the Management and Network Orchestration (MANO) architecture of NFV.

Supported Platforms

Rackspace, Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, CloudStack and VMware.

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