Connected Vehicle

Build connected vehicles for tomorrow

To adopt the latest multimedia and connectivity technologies, vehicle manufacturers must stay agile and efficient with their implementation methods. We offer a range of software that makes the connected vehicle engineering challenge easier, including frameworks for digital audio and video, telematics, navigation, wireless communications and automotive diagnostic tools.

Aricent’s connected vehicle services enable users to remain connected to the external world, while at the same time not compromising on road safety. Our engineers also build automobile software for advanced driver assistance systems, gesture control, vehicle-to-vehicle communication and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.

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Enabling software solutions

Aricent has a rich suite of enabling software solutions to accelerate product development of connected services. The solutions are aligned to our focus areas of In-Vehicle Infotainment, Telematics, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Testing Services.

In-Vehicle Infotainment

Aricent’s mobile phone projection solutions enable smart phone connectivity to the head unit so that driver distraction is minimized. The solutions are complemented by a rich set of multimedia audio/video codecs to deliver a unique in-vehicle experience.

  1. Mirrorlink Client
  • Rich features: Fully compliant with Mirrorlink 1.1 guidelines (mandatory and optional features)
  • Platform agnostic: Solution has been ported to Freescale i.MX6, Renesas R-CAR2, TI OMAP 5 and runs on Android, Linux and QNX
  • Interoperability: Interoperable across multiple Mirror Link compliant smart phones. Works with BT profiles such as HFP, A2DP
  • Portability: Proprietary implementation of VNC, RFB, UPnP, RTP, DAP allows scalability and real time performance across platforms
  • Ease of development: Customized application development through SDKs in car driving/parking mode
  1. Miracast sink solution
    • Rich feature set: Stack supports multiple features such as WFD device/service discovery, UIBC, HDCP 2.0/2.1
    • Platform agnostic: Designed to work across multiple operating systems and hardware platforms
    • Low footprint: Low memory usage and resource utilization
    • Interoperability: Works with multiple smart devices supporting Wi-Fi display
  2. Audio/Video codecs
    • Rich suite of audio/video codecs:  Comprehensive suite of audio/video/image and video encoders and decoders
    • Support multiple formats: Our suite supports file formats such as 3GPP/3G2, AVI, Divx, MP3, ASF, MKV, QCP, AAC
    • Low footprint: Based on standards and low deployed footprint
    • Platform Optimized: Optimized for ARM, Intel, DSP and hardware accelerate platforms
    • Plug in support: Supports plugins such as Android stagefright OMX, Linux GStreamer, WP media foundation, DirectShow

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS)

ADAS is a natural evolution towards autonomous driving. Vehicle To Infrastructure (V2I), Vehicle To Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle To Pedestrian (V2P) are collectively called as V2X. Our ADAS solutions are forward looking, and emphasize our strong culture of innovation

  1. Ethernet AVB
  • Fully compliant feature set: AVnu-specified automotive AVB feature subset and complies to IEEE 802 standards
  • Platform agnostic: End-point implementation (talker and listener) that has abstraction to OS and hardware
  • Interoperability: Interoperates with commercial third-party AVB switches
  • API support: Easy-to-use APIs for creating audio and video end-point applications
  • Ready for automotive market: Adheres to MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association) 2012 and ISO26262 fit for purpose compliance
  1. V2X
  • Fully compliant feature set: Complies with WAVE and ETSI standards
  • Platform-agnostic:  Software that can easily be compiled across target operating systems
  • Configurability: V2X stack can be configured as OBU (On Board Unit) or RSU (Road Side Unit)
  • Low footprint: Small memory footprint for resource constrained target platforms
  • API support: Rich-set of APIs written in C are available across all layers and
  • portable across platforms
  • Ready for automotive market: Adheres to MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association) 2012 and ISO26262 fit for purpose compliance
  1. NetSnapper product (Partner)
  • Intelligent Bandwidth management: Speed acceleration, Lossless bidirectional traffic optimization, compression on the fly
  • Seamless Handoff: Seamless switching, session persistence, multi-tunneling, traffic splitting
  • Data Analytics platform: Statistics and monitoring, client profile management, connection and switching progress monitoring, flexible interfaces to legacy charging systems
  • Security: Authentication, Encryption on-the-fly, Client and server side firewall, VPN Tunnel


Our testing solutions are focused on accelerating time to market, increasing the quality and code coverage. We have invested in building the infrastructure and tools that can be leveraged for automotive demands

  1. Interoperability Testing
  • Multi-client support: Connects and controls Android/Windows clients and access points. Supports multi-client testing,
  • Automation: Automates all Wi-Fi security modes, different traffic categories, fast roaming and regulatory domain testing for Wi-Fi validation and BT profiles testing
  • 3rd party tool integration: Integrates with third party tools like Ixia Chariot
  • Rich repository of IOP test cases: 1500+ Wi-Fi, 350+ Bluetooth test cases, 300+ USB test cases has been used in IOP lab for 300+ test cycles on 50+ devices for interoperability test
  • Established infrastructure: 300K USD investment, 600+ square feet lab, 60+ devices
  1. Platform Validation Testing
  • Plug and play support: Device under test(DUT) can be connected to the PVT tool using UART, USB or Ethernet
  • Automation: automated build installation, loading of test suites, USB hot plug/unplug testing, camera operations, SOC drivers
  • Multi-OS support: Supports testing of Linux, Android and Windows OS
  • Industry benchmarks: Integrated industry standard benchmarks
  • Multiple types testing support: Functional, Stress and Performance testing of platforms and devices with focus on Device drivers, Firmware and Silicon/Hardware validation