Technology Solutions

Enabling Software Overview

Aricent designs and develops software building blocks that can dramatically accelerate new product development. Each framework or component represents years of R&D effort and typically shorten the time to market by 30-60%. The software is licensable and is currently used by 500+OEM's, 100+ carrier networks and over 500 million devices world-wide. Each software solutions can have a defined SLAs and 24x7 Help Desk w/ Tier 3/Tier 4 support. Our software solutions are made available through flexible licencing models:

  • Offered as source or binary code with annual maintenance
  • Upfront license fee and royalty based on deployments
  • Pre-paid or Royalty buyouts
  • Lab license for non-commercial purposes
  • Co-investment with “seed clients” for new technologies


Aricent offers software frameworks and components that help nework equipment providers, carriers and OEM's take advantae of existing cellular technology and hetergeouns protocols for the internet of things