Driver Migration Tool

Driver Migration Tool

Aricent is offering Driver Migration tool enabling software to assist our platform engineering clients to expedite the product development in Consumer Electronics, Automotive and IoT space. This software is developed to solve the manual migration challenges and reduce the development life cycle of the project thereby enabling our clients to launch their products faster in this time critical market.

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Driver Migration Enabling Software

To address the challenges associated with manual migration, Aricent has developed a state-of-the- art Driver Migration Tool. The tool enables the user to port the device drivers from one version of operating system to other version automatically. It also ensures old functionalities work seamlessly in a new version of an operating system.

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  • Ports device drivers of Linux operating system automatically; support for QNX, UNIX and Android on the roadmap
  • HTML-based user guide to understand the driver changes with respect to functions, structures, global variables, vis-à-vis source revision
  • Support to port device drivers with custom Linux kernel
  • Ability to handle and port legacy drivers with very high SLOCs
  • Doesn’t create any abstraction layer after porting, as it modifies driver source directly

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  • Faster migration across platforms, thereby improving time-to-market for launching new products
  • Saves time, effort and cost, wherever frequent upgrade to new operating system is required
  • Easy-to-use interface enables even a naïve Linux user to successfully migrate using this tool
  • Enables porting of drivers from different vendor
  • Detailed HTML porting guide to resolve any issues that may come during automatic porting