Digital signal processing

Higher performance and ROI. Unrelenting demand for better and cheaper communications products—coupled with the surge in multimedia applications and cloud computing services—is driving the need for high performance Digital Signal Processing (DSP) solutions. The complex nature and critical performance requirements of signal processing modules are forcing equipment vendors to find ways to maximize ROI while maintaining highly optimized products.

Aricent’s DSP practice offers telecom equipment manufacturers, silicon vendors and telecom infrastructure providers a comprehensive set of product lifecycle services, complemented with pre-packaged protocol stack and software frameworks. Our portfolio of Digital Signal PRocessing software and services helps jumpstart development of high-quality, feature-rich products while accelerating time to market and lowering research and development expenses.

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Product Lifecycle Services

Product Strategy and Feasibility

Aricent’s services include product definition and architecture, baseband system partitioning, performance analysis (MIPS and memory usage), algorithm selection and simulation modeling. Our expertise helps vendors ensure a smooth transition of products from proof-of-concept to carrier-grade solutions.

Product Development and Implementation

Aricent’s highly skilled consultants have vast experience on multiple DSP-based platforms in developing system requirements, realization of DSP platforms in C/assembly, device driver development and platform and infrastructure software development.

Performance Optimization

Aricent's proven expertise in porting, optimizing and achieving real-time performance on multiple industry-leading DSP platforms, complemented by our complete product ownership, helps equipment vendors meet precise performance standards.

Pre-packaged Software and Frameworks

Aricent’s portfolio of pre-packaged software and frameworks for the DSP domain spans UMTS/HSPA and LTE technologies.

LTE eNodeB PHY/Baseband Framework

Aricent offers 3GPP-compliant LTE eNodeB Baseband reference libraries for both uplink and downlink processing. This framework includes channel coding and modem libraries tested for the 3GPP-specified performance criteria and UE simulators for complete baseband testing.

UMTS/HSPA NodeB PHY Framework

Our UMTS/HSPA NodeB PHY framework is 3GPP compliant and includes UE simulators for complete baseband testing, as well as baseband reference libraries for both uplink and downlink processing. Its channel coding and modem libraries have been tested for 3GPP specified performance criteria.

Key Benefits

Design Validation and Optimization

Optimal product design is required for high performance, while validation is critical to ensure compliance with the real-time constraints of the solution. Aricent delivers pre-packaged software and baseband frameworks that help manufacturers reliably test product feasibility and accelerate design validation.

Development Jumpstart

Aricent’s lifecycle management services—coupled with pre-packaged software and frameworks for multiple DSP platforms—help OEMs accelerate development. They also enable real-time adjustments of development schedules and investments to ensure competitive readiness and reduce market-timing risk.

Continuous Improvement of Real-Time Performance

Equipment vendors need to continually improve the real-time performance of their products, which requires periodic optimization of architecture and resources. Aricent has helped several vendors develop high-performance solutions on multiple industry-leading DSP platforms across different domains.