Edge Computing Services

Intelligence at the Edge

Over the last decade a key trend for capital intensive asset owners is to take advantage of machine data to drive greater operational efficiency. 

Equipment and products rely on logic and programs to take action. Next comes distribution of even more intelligence to support both collaborative and autonomous decision making. There are two emerging architectures that will define the edge compute paradigm:

  • Mobile Edge Computing (MEC): Places emphasis on the communications infrastructure to help manage traffic and content with specific roles placed on field devices and user premise equipment. MEC capabilities for carriers include radio network aware content optimization, active device location tracking, intelligent video analytics and augmented reality content delivery.
  • Fog Computing: Advocates compartmentalization of tasks. The architecture focuses on real-time feedback control and offload computation for ultra-low power IoT device.
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Our services enable clients to develop innovative next- generation products, build and maintain new features that take advantage of fog computing and mobile edge computing architectures

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Our Services

Aricent's product lifecycle services spans design, engineering, test and operations. We help our clients adapt and keep pace with the changing industry landscape in solution architecture, application development and deployment, system infrastructure implementation and software engineering. Our software team can craft applications for the edge of the Internet of Things in any industry vertical. Such applications can drastically reduce data flowing through expensive wide area communication links, and can reduce the response-time to sensor events to hard real-time levels.

Some of our services include:

Product design and development

Aricent has expertise in extensive design and development of modular system architecture, system design, system engineering, OAMP and platform re-engineering.

We have teams with extensive design and development expertise in modular system architecture, system design, system engineering, OAMP (Operations, Administration, Management, and Provisioning); and platform re-engineering spanning the wireless, wireline and datacentre domains. This is the ideal skillset combination for achieving rapid time-to-market in both mobile edge computing (which synergises cellular RAN & core networks with datacentres) and fog computing (which joins the customer-edge router/switch with ‘micro’ datacentres).

Testing and integration

Our competence in testing domains such as product validation, interoperability, regression testing, managed testing and certification has been honed over multiple customer engagements.

We also help TEMs ensure interoperability with equipment from a variety of vendors and perform compliance testing for the pre-certification of equipment.

Field deployment

We assist customers in deployment services, work closely with customers on field trials, customer focus testing and deployment testing.

We offer Level 2 & Level 3 field support for customers. We work closely with carriers and service providers and provide technical consulting on their network planning phases.

Product Strategy/Consultancy

With deep domain expertise drawn from our data center, wireline and wireless talent pools, Aricent is able to synthesize optimal and innovative solutions in the Edge Computing space

With the exception of CDN and web-caches, the field of Edge Computing is an emerging technology, and ‘run of the mill’ thinking around datacenters, wireline and wireless technologies may not be sufficient to take full advantage of it. Aricent’s product strategy services group helps OEMs identify critical market requirements for Edge Computing, translate them into specific product requirements, and target the ideal product phasing for different product features, defines the product architecture and test strategies. While staying within constraints laid down by each individual client.

Our Differentiation

  • Our software frameworks, combined with comprehensive product engineering services, enable customers to accelerate new product development across core, access and aggregation networks.
  • We offer flexible engagement models for our professional services, including a time-and-material (T&M) model with offshore/onsite delivery and a fixed price model based on agreed-upon scope of work.
  • We have a track record of achieving high-quality products over the past 20+ years across multiple wired and wireless technologies and applications
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