Enabling Software

Configurable, field-ready accelerators

We are entrenched in an era of heightened technology fluidity and turbulence because of digital -- driven in large part by the Internet of Things. To create robust and durable value the R&D organization needs to anticipate and respond to the next disruption. They need to move rapidly and cost effectivey on advancing thier technology roadmaps so they are digitally durable and sustainable. The R&D organization  must be able to quickly change direction in the product development process in response to competitive threats, market opportunities, new technology and shifting customer expectations.

Aricent has created a suite of Enabling Software Solutions that help companies master the right intelligent technologies so they can: 

  1. Drive Smart Outcomes via Smart Services – This is the goal and the starting point for defining and designing compeling outcomes that deliver new customer experiences and new revenue streams.
  2. Virtualize Everything – from chips to equipment to the customer experience, the objective is to combine hardware and software that delivers smart services that can be launched quickly and upgraded over the air.
  3. Embrace Unconventional Connectivity – to exploit the potential of IoT devices and the convergence of product and service platforms that are the foundation of the smart services
  4. Innovate Beyond the Speed of Things – by moving past Moore’s Law to utilize artificial intelligence and choreograph software and hardware that create richer user experiences in the  smart solutions.


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Aricent's Enabling Software Solutions can be licensed on a stand-alone basis to serve as the building blocks for accelerated go to market. Our technology frameworks and software solutions have proven to reduce product realization time by over 40%.

Our Solutions

Aricent Software Frameworks are custom components and third-party enhancers that are used to accelerate time to market for OEM's, ODM's and service providers. The software portfolio catalogue includes assets that span these areas:  

  • Connectivity 
  • Cloud
  • Internet of Things
  • Security
  • Digital

Our capabilities

Aricent Software Frameworks are standard based licensable components & frameworks, pre-integrated and pre-ported reference solutions on industry leading platforms from its ecosystem partners. A strong jump start to solution development, also helps limit development risks.

  • Over 125 licensable framework and software offerings:  These offerings cater to needs of Telecommunication & Networking, Software, Semiconductor & Embedded Systems Industry verticals. 
  • Flexible licencing models: Available as source or binary code with annual maintenance; Upfront license fee and royalty based on deployments; Pre-paid or Royalty buyouts; Lab license for non-commercial purposes and Co-investment with “seed clients” for new technologies
  • Open industry standards: We use open source code and contribute to open source communities and industry standards. We help our clients evaluate different open source code usage based on factors like Functionality , Usability, Quality, Security, Performance, Scalability and Architecture. 
  • Strong technology integration and ecosystem: Wireless: Intel, TI, Freescale, Broadcom, Octasic, Adax, Kontron, Emerson; Networking: Broadcom, Marvell, Intel, Vitesse, LSI, PMC Sierra, Quanta; Embedded: Freescale, TI, Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom; OS: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux; Big Data: Hadoop, Cassandra; Cloud: Amazon, Microsoft, OpenStack.
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Connectivity - Intelligent Switching

Aricent has over 15 years of experience in the area of IP routing software and platforms with the ability to work with different silicon and chip vendors. Aricent’s vendor neutral engagement model enables us to work with different Silicon and Chip vendors in a collaborative model for large-scale design and development across Switching, Routing and WLAN solutions.

Some of our assets in the networking portfolio:

  • Inteligent Switching Solution: Layer 2 / Layer 3 protocols (routing/switching) for Access, Aggregation, Mobile Backhaul, Enterprise markets
  • Data Center Switching Solution: Protocol stacks for Datacenter Top-of-the-Rack switches
  • Transport Switching Solution: MPLS, MPLS-TP & Carrier Ethernet  framework
  • WLAN Switching Solution: Software frameworks for building WLAN Access Point & Access Controller
  • SDN/NFV Solutions: Hybrid routing / switching framework; Virtual Network Functions (VNFs); SDN Apps (Network Load balancer, BGP Instant VPN etc.), Fast Path Application (NFVI) and OpenFLow Switch 
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Connectivity - Wireless Infrastructure

The wireless industry is continuing its evolution towards 5G as a plethora of hetergenous connectivity alternatives emerge to support low power devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Some of our assets include: 

  • Aricent LTE eNodeB framework.  Complete Layer 2 and Layer 3 software functionality. Layer 2 (MAC, RLC, PDCP, eGTPU), Layer 3 (RRC, S1AP, X2AP, Cell/UE Call control), RRM, SON Agent and OAM.
  • Aricent LTE EPC framework: Complete LTE packet core software components consisting of Serving Gateway (SGW), PDN Gateway (PGW), Mobility Management Entity (MME), Home Subscriber Server (HSS) and Policy Charging Control Function (PCRF).
  • Multi-Technology Self-Organizing Networks (UNI-SON). Provides multi- RAT (GSM, UMTS and LTE), multi-deployment architecture support and multi-vendor compatibility to leverage the benefits of SON for 4G, 3G and 2G radio technologies.
  • WiFi offload (ePDG/SAMOG/TTG).  WiFi offloading of data for both LTE and 3G. It supports both Trusted (SAMOG) and un-trusted (ePDG) network for offloading and can connect to PGW or GGSN for data.
  • IMS Core. VoLTE IMS-CSCF Server supports collapsed Call Session Control Function (CSCF), enables high performance and is compliant to the GSMA IR92 standard. It consists of P-CSCF, I-CSCF & S-CSCF. It interfaces with external I-CSCF and P-CSCF servers for roaming subscribers and with external IMS network for calls to subscribers outside the network, and can run on virtualized hardware for IMS server in a cloud.
  • LTE in a Box.  eNodeB and EPC software and optionally IMS core (for VoLTE). It address the niches market, like Public safety, Search & rescue, Adhoc Remote network, Surveillance, etc.
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Internet of Things (IoT)

The software portfolio for the IoT includes standards-based software components that accelerate the deployment of vertical and horizontal use-caess for smart products and services: 

  • IoT Gateway that serves as an aggregation point or hub connected devices and services; configurable to support standards-based & proprietary north/south-bound interfaces
  • Indoor Positioning solution that can used to track the exact user position indoors and provide location-based services 
  • Platform Validation: Functional, Stress and Performance testing of platforms and devices with focus on Device drivers, Firmware and Silicon/Hardware validation
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Cloud - Management & Orchestration

Virtualization is enhancing business and operating models that boost the value proposition of products and services creating smart outcomes that improve the customer experience in three key ways/ Aricent's software portfolio includes capabilities to enable the deployment, management & orchestration on both priviate and public cloud infrastructure. 

  • Cloud management framework is an easy to use feature rich unified cloud management solution that helps the customers to build robust cloud management and orchestration product