IMS, VoIP, SIP and Diameter Frameworks

The preferred choice

Aricent’s communication protocol frameworks for VOIP, SIP, IMS and Diameter accelerate development of carrier-grade communications devices and infrastructure—speeding time to market and reducing risk. These frameworks are compliant with the latest industry standards, and support an array of voice, data and video services in devices, media gateways, switches, serving nodes and other products. Our frameworks have been shipping for nearly a decade and have become the preferred choice of more than 250 communication equipment providers (CEPs) globally.

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VoIP, SIP and IMS Frameworks

Edge Gateway Toolkit (EGT)

Facilitates rapid development of SIP-based edge gateways deployed in both residential and enterprise IP telephony networks.

Media Gateway Control Protocol (MEGACO)/H.248

Our MEGACO/H.248 stack can be integrated into products such as central office switches, gateways, network access servers, cable modems, PBXs, IP phones, soft phones, IADs and other products that support convergent voice and data services.

Media Terminal Toolkit (MTT)

Reliable, architecture- and platform-independent framework built on an optimized low-footprint SIP layer to support rich SIP-based applications on mobile terminals.

Real-Time Transport Protocol and Real-Time Transport Control Protocol (RTP/RTCP)

Our RTP/RTCP stack gives developers the flexibility to add new media profiles and build high-performance applications such as 3G user terminals/handsets, IP phones, IVRs and conference bridges.

Signaling Compression (SigComp)

Our SigComp stack provides robust lossless compression of application messages to mitigate the effects of transmission delays due to low-rate IP connectivity, heavy signaling and large text-based SIP messages.

SIP Back-to-Back User Agent (B2BUA) Framework

Accelerates a variety of developments including SIP-based telephony, multimedia and value-added services, border control elements, multi-protocol convergence gateways, SIP to IN gateways and any other network-edge, access or core application that requires SIP-based session management and call control.

SIP Server Framework (SIP-SF)

An award-winning solution, SIP-SF is a powerful yet flexible framework that speeds the development of reliable, scalable and feature-rich SIP servers, while allowing developers to build upon core SIP functionalities to deliver niche services.

SIP User Agent (UA) Toolkit

Provides a robust, processing-intensive platform that can be easily programmed by users to develop any SIP based client/terminal, CPE or network-core infrastructure application.

H.323 Audio/Visual Communication Stacks

Our H.323 stack and other Voice over Packet (VoP) software frameworks provide a complete set of building blocks for quickly developing next-generation network solutions that meet carrier-class requirements for redundancy, scalability and reliability

Diameter Frameworks

Aricent’s Diameter software framework is built upon a distributed architecture that allows use across single as well as multiple servers. This widely deployed software framework supports many application interfaces, with carrier-grade features and easy-to-use APIs that simplify product development and evolution.

Diameter Software Framework for End Nodes

This framework can be used in a variety of solutions including MME, SGW, PGW and PCRF. We offer the complete portfolio of Diameter interfaces used in LTE, IMS and CDMA networks. It provides the most extensive compliance, modularity and ease of use, as well as a host of carrier-grade features.

Diameter Router

The Aricent Diameter routing software can be deployed as a relay, proxy or redirect agent. It supports more than 207,000 messages per second in the basic redundant mode and 230,000 messages per second in the non-redundant mode for proxy functionality. It can be configured as a Diameter routing agent for PCRF discovery and also deployed for HSS and OCS selection. It provides rich compliance, flexible message routing, multiple configuration options and carrier-grade features.

Client Benefits

More Cost Savings

Our software frameworks help CEPs achieve significant cost savings from reduced development, testing, integration and maintenance expenses.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

Our software frameworks implement functionalities defined in the 3GPP and IETF specifications, and can be quickly customized and configured for field deployment.

Reduced Risk

Our field-ready, carrier-grade VOIP, IMS, SIP and Diameter software frameworks have been deployed in the field for more than 10 years. They provide proven interoperability and customization for future-ready products designed for scalability, reliability, flexibility and manageability.