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Aricent ISS software is a complete network operating system with features including chassis management, system startup infrastructure, portable library for OS abstraction, persistent database, and hardware abstraction layer to support Intel Ethernet families including FM10000 and FM6000.

The software also supports hardened L2 features including VLAN, RSTP, LACP and IGMP, scalable routing through OSPF, BGP, multicast (PIM SM, DM) software and both IPv4 and IPv6. ISS management software provides SSH, SNMP and CLI interfaces. Aricent’s data center capabilities provide DCBX, LLDP, PFC, ETS, VXLAN gateway, Ethernet VPN (eVPN) and fiber channel switch infrastructure (NPV, NPIV Modes) and FCF functions for blade systems. Aricent’s ISS also enables next generation networking through OpenFlow, NETCONF and YANG management interfaces. - See more at:

Aricent ISS enables multiple use cases for cloud infrastructure, blade systems and micro servers in enterprise and NFV deployments:

  • Multi-Home NIC – It is a simple case of using Intel’s FM10000 as a multi-home super NIC with a PCIe interface for CPU cluster connectivity and Ethernet interfaces for external connectivity with top of rack (TOR) switches or direct spine connectivity. Aricent ISS software enables L2 switching configurations.
  • Blade Switch – A simple blade switch configuration for internal and external connectivity. Aricent ISS L2 provides complete switch control plane.
  • Switching solution for Rack-Scale Architecture – Enables Intel’s FM10000 for complete L2 switching solution on rack-scale architecture.
  • NFV Platform for Accelerated Switching – Carrier network workloads demand very high packet processing. Imagine a cluster of CPUs are engaged with telco workload processing exchanging packets across the CPUs and external world. A software defined data plane on Intel’s FM10000 powered by Aricent OpenFlow software can simplify lots of network configurations and connectivity challenges.  
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