Mobility Enabling Software

Remote Testing Platform

Aricent offers a unique cloud-based remote testing platform to facilitate testing any mobile application on multiple platforms and devices remotely. This platform operates across multiple mobile OS, devices and form factors. This platform also helps clients ensure compatibility with various device types and mobile OS, streamline their testing processes, and reduce CAPEX.

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Indoor Positioning Solution (IPS)

Global positioning system (GPS) is an effective technology to track user position in outdoor settings. However, it doesn’t work well indoors where GPS signals lose strength. Aricent has developed a unique IPS that can be used to track the exact user position indoors. This solution can be leveraged to provide indoor location-based services to customers, partners and employees.

Why Aricent

  • Leader in the mobility domain; over 500 million devices shipped with Aricent’s software
  • Proven expertise in next-generation technologies, including cloud, WiFi, IoT and NUI
  • Demonstrated application development, testing, porting and integration expertise on all major mobile OS — iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
  • Strong alliances with leading mobility ecosystem players, including silicon vendors, device manufacturers and mobile platform providers