Platform Validation Tool

Platform Validation Tool

Aricent is offering the Platform Validation Tool software designed to validate different hardware dependent layers of device. It consists of a plethora of test suites and benchmarking tools, all collected under the single umbrella of Platform Validation Tool. Covering platforms from Windows, Linux to different versions of Android, this is an extensive tool which provides a completely automated testing approach and extremely user-friendly interface

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Platform Validation Enabling Software

To do all round testing of a device, from drivers to sensors to power consumption debugging, the available test suits and test frameworks are many and disparate. Each has to be configured individually for particular device. Aricent’s Platform Validation Tool has numerous such existing test suites collected and pre-configured for each platform. The lacuna in the availability of test suites for particular areas like vulnerability testing, MODEM testing, power consumption analysis has been identified and Aricent has developed test suites for these.

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  • Plug and play tool, can test DUT via multiple interfaces like UART, USB and Ethernet
  • Concurrent execution of multiple tests in parallel on multiple test beds
  • Support across multiple platforms like Android, Linux and Windows
  • Industry standard benchmarks integrated under one umbrella for driver, firmware and hardware validation
  • Continuous integration of new test suites
  • Automation to reduce testing time by avoiding manual intervention, Automated Build installation and loading of test suites on DUT


  • Faster testing as execution and result collection is automated
  • Time cost is reduced as configuration of test suite is done by the tool
  • User can skip test cases from a test suite which the user does not want to execute
  • Result of pass/fail test cases displayed on the GUI
  • Detailed analysis of execution of each test case provided