Smart Home

Transform complex technology into simple solutions.

Create a more comfortable and intelligent living space that synchronizes to the homeowner’s life. We have deep experience bringing products to market that span the needs of the smart home: consumer electronics, appliances, home energy, security, entertainment, mobile, computers and tablets. Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations turn to Aricent to solve their hardest innovation challenges with smart home engineering.

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here is my title

We come to the table with extensive technical knowledge and enabling software in advanced smart home protocols and standards. Our engineers research, examine and push technologies to drive innovation in smart home services. From media compression algorithms to radio stacks, our licensable software powers leading products in the smart home ecosystem. 

Our investments in enabling software allow companies to jumpstart product development, and our broad ecosystem of partners and vendors ensures interoperability. We have created several proof-of-concepts to demonstrate how we seamlessly integrate IMS, DLNA, ZigBee, Universal Plug and Play, and streaming technologies to drive smart home solutions.

Our software solutions can be leveraged to shape and develop the future of smart home systems in areas such as energy management, remote home access, climate control, media and entertainment, and surveillance systems.

Case Studies

Touch Computing for the Living Room: HP TouchSmart
We helped HP create a touchscreen user interface for the TouchSmart computer, giving the entire family easy access to photos, calendars and the Internet—placing the PC at the center of the home.

Developing a Remote Alarm and Event Management System
We helped a leading manufacturer of building automation systems develop a solution to automate the processing of alarms and events from remote sites. Utilizing our prior expertise and experience in WAN, OPC and distributed computing, we were able to create a flawless, “first time right” solution.


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