Social Media Federation

More connections. Better interactions

Aricent’s Social Media Federation Gateway framework allows enterprises to develop applications and services that utilize both public and enterprise-specific social media in a way that’s controlled through policies. Our social media software allows employees to collaborate with key customers, suppliers and partners through social media while unifying address books, calendars and channels for optimal interactions.

Aricent’s framework includes connectors/cartridges to public social media platforms such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as enterprise social media platforms like Yammer and IBM Connections. It has also been used in conjunction with an OEM unified communication (UC) platform that supports traditional communication channels like voice, video and messaging. 

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Policy control is an essential part of enabling efficient and effective enterprise configuration of user preferences and capabilities. Our solutions allow organizations to configure policy control settings at the enterprise level or for specific locations and departments.

Key Features:

  • Unified address book: Consolidate contacts from various social media platforms
  • Unified access to public enterprise social networking sites: Send and receive updates from contacts, chat with contacts and send multimedia files
  • Unified calendar: Extend event invites to contacts, unify calendar viewing and more
  • Unified search: Search both enterprise and social media for experts, prospects and more
  • Unified location: Get location-based updates and field sales force tracking
  • Unified network connectivity: Develop ad-serving platforms that work off different parameters

Use Case: Connected Cars

Integration of policy-enabled social media can help improve the user experience in connected car ecosystems. Enabling social media connectivity can:

  • Increase the flow of information from cars and drivers to dealers and manufacturers
  • Keep drivers updated on the status of various vehicle parameters
  • Enable pinpoint, location-based delivery of advertisements, traffic alerts and more