Value Added Services (VAS)

New solutions. Happier customers

Carriers are always on the lookout for new revenue-generating solutions to improve Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). The rise of Mobile Applications and Value Added Services (VAS) means that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Communication Equipment Providers (CEPs) are under enormous pressure from carriers to develop highly differentiated and cost-effective carrier-grade applications that can help them not only increase their ARPU but also enhance end customer satisfaction. With the rapid proliferation of mobile devices that feature more computing power, improved user interfaces and high-speed data capabilities, mobile subscribers are now looking to adopt services beyond voice and SMS.

Aricent offers standards-based reusable software frameworks and broad product engineering capabilities around Value Added Services to help CEPs and VAS solution providers deliver innovative mobile applications and services. By utilizing our technology expertise in design, development, testing, systems integration and maintenance, ISVs and CEPS can easily integrate our frameworks with existing network architectures across multiple platforms—delivering accelerated time to market and considerably reduced costs.

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nexGen Software Framework for VAS Applications

nexGen is a proprietary software-based signaling platform which simplifies VAS product development by shielding application developers from the technical details of the underlying telecommunications network. nexGen is hardware agnostic and provides an intuitive, easy-to-use abstraction interface over complex telecom protocols such as SS7 or SIGTRAN. It can also be used to build applications for 2G, 3G and CDMA networks.


Simplified Development, Configuration and Management

The pre-integrated GUI-based configurator eases configuration and management, and a comprehensive set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) help simplify development.

Wide Range of Application Layer Protocols

Supports multiple application layer protocols such as MAP, CAP, IS41-MAP, INAP and ISUP.

Seamless Interface for SIGTRAN and SS7

Consistent APIs ensure that the same TCAP or MAP application can interface over both TDM SS7 and IP-based SIGTRAN networks.

Unmatched Scalability and Capacity

Support for up to 64 nodes in a cluster, along with support for up to 1024 destination point codes, 128 self point codes, 4096 route sets, 256 linksets and 2048 links.

Multi-Network Interoperability

Multiple network variants (ITU/ANSI/Chinese) supported on a single node and multiple logical networks including ITU TCAP over ANSI SCCP, ANSI TCAP over ITU SCCP and ANSI TCAP over Chinese SCCP.

Platform Independence

Agnostic of platform in use, nexGen has been successfully demonstrated on hardware such as ADAX, Interphase and NAT Europe.

Simultaneous High-Speed Link (HSL) and Low-Speed Link (LSL)

Both HSL and LSL links supported simultaneously in a single nexGen instance

VAS Solutions

Aricent has the expertise to facilitate a complete ecosystem. From content to platform to applications to managing cross-domain partners to device certifications to mobile roaming software, our nexGen platform and other software frameworks can be combined with our end-to-end product engineering services to create complete solutions.

Mobile Applications

  • VAS Platforms: USSD, IVR, SMS, Roaming SDP
  • Mobile Infotainment: Content Servers, Ring-Back Tones, Mobile Gaming
  • Mobile Roaming Applications: Missed-Call Alerts, Differential Charging, Welcome SMS
  • Mobile Advertisement: Advertisement Servers, Ad Engines, Content Servers, Voice, Video IVRs
  • Social Media: Enterprise Social Collaboration, Social CRM, Social Networking Gateways
  • Mobile Commerce: Mobile Wallet, Banking Transaction Gateways and NFC
  • Mobile Health: Healthcare Monitoring Applications
  • Location-Based Services
  • Location Platforms: GMLC, WLG, SMLC, SUPL, OSS Gateway
  • Public Safety Solutions: e-911, Disaster Recovery Solutions, Geo Fencing, Family Member Tracking and Monitoring
  • GPS Navigation and Automotive Infotainment
  • Location-Based Applications: Mobile Advertisement, Social Media, Friend Search, and POV
  • Workforce Management and Asset Tracking


Accelerate time to market

Standards-based framework software enablers and Signaling stacks (SS7/SIGTRAN/WAP/USSD) deliver significant cost and time to market advantages to OEMs and ISVs looking to build feature-rich and innovative applications.

One-stop shop for the entire VAS value chain

Our extensive capabilities from devices to applications to core network infrastructure across Mobile Applications and VAS ecosystems helps OEMs and ISVs develop and deliver high-quality solutions with reduced product development cycles.

Reduce costs and increase productivity

Our pre-packaged and pre-optimized frameworks combined with our proven ability to sustain legacy products and best practices allow OEMs and ISVs to reduce product development expenses, and shorten testing and integration cycles—helping them increase productivity.